I don’t know if this happens with men as much as with women. However, many women, when we/they like a man, get almost a sort of desperation to see that man. Of course, people with a healthy attitude on life and believe him/herself to be valuable…are never ‘desperate’ for another.

I was thinking about this while walking through Boston when all of the sudden it hit me. There is only one ‘person’ or entity that I am desperate for…and that would be Jesus. It’s amazing how when you ask the Lord to change you what happens. The processing we go through one step at a time…it’s like being an egg that never hard boils. Oh how I wish I were the 8 minute egg sometimes. At the same time, the journey and accomplishments along the way are wonderful to celebrate.

Have you ever been desperate for another person? Maybe felt insecure with a new relationship?
I am ashamed to admit that I was in the past.
The shift to feeling truly valuable changes what we seek, I think……maybe even how we seek.

This may not be an epiphany for many. However, as I look at dating when I am finally divorced in March…I am grateful to experience this inherent change that has been a process over the past two years.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences related to this. I find that it also changes the information I receive when I meet a man. I can see more clearly what he might be processing based on his journey. It’s not like anything else I’ve experienced. I don’t claim to know what a man is really thinking and feeling but empathy based on another’s experience seems to grow and expand with a deeper understanding.

I feel very blessed that I will never be desperate for anything in my life beyond the Lord. What a gift to go into 2014 having learned this lesson!

Thank you for ‘listening’ and reading. I wish you a blessed 2014 filled with perfect health, love, light, increased faith, blessings, and joy and laughter!

Most sincerely,