I run into friends, family, people, etc. that tell me that the Bible was written years ago and is no longer 100% accurate or applicable to today’s ‘world’. People tell me the principles are ‘old fashioned’ and I should ‘take them in context’.   I thought I’d share some of my own experience related to at least one of the principles of faith and some thoughts of why or why not it might be applicable.

First, I am not a man so I can’t speak for you…but I’ll come flat out and say that as a woman, and I know some may differ, if I am physical with someone it is much like giving a piece of my soul to that person. It is intimate and brands that person onto my heart.

People say that premarital sex is the standard now. The Bible directs us to wait until marriage. What is right and what is wrong? If you are faithful to God and accept Jesus as your savior….do you follow the social standard or do you follow the Bible? I choose the latter and I don’t say this lightly as it’s not easy….in fact it can be one of the most difficult things to do.

I think we often look at ‘rules’ as a limitation. God doesn’t want us to…..
Is that what it’s really about? Having been in the physical for 46 years now and saved less than two, and newly single, I have some perspective on this.

What if God has these principles to live by to protect us?
What if he gives us a way of life that molds us into strong, powerful, kind, and loving people?

So why am I even talking about this? Have you ever noticed there has been a past boyfriend or girlfriend that still seems to have some emotional connection with us. Someone runs into them….maybe even they talk nicely about you. Or maybe they cross your mind and you have this connection that you can’t seem to fully break yet.

I have had this happen to me….had a rocky week of divorce events last week and three ex boyfriends came out of the woodwork. One of which was difficult for me to get over. I became physically involved with this person well before I was ready and I was not saved at the time.
I have come to realize that when you are physical with someone, whether you like it or not, a bond has been made. No matter if this person treated you well or did not treat you well….there is that bond…at least from my perspective.

I am grateful to always remember that faith comes from the head first and your heart either follows or is there at the same time, depending on the situation. By this I mean to say that faith is forethought about what is right and what is not….about what actions to take….faith is not based on emotional response but thoughtful response. Going through the book of Daniel has demonstrated that true faith is consistent and unwavering.
I mention this because I have leaned heavily on my thoughts related to faith and realize that this man does not represent anything I want nor is he an actively faithful man. He goes to church but has no relationship with the Lord. This is the first observation along with many other behaviors that are unacceptable as a potential partner in my life. Yet…there’s that bond just because of the physical connection we had.

So I ask the question about the ideas in the Bible on premarital sex. Perhaps God wants to protect us from unnecessary pain and scar tissue. I think it’s not about obeying the ‘rules’ but more about taking loving advice from our true Father
-To protect and care for us so we may avoid the ripping off of pieces of our most precious heart.
-To ensure we make decisions from a faithful place, a true place, not one that is strewn with bonding before making a sound decision

Isn’t it a bit backwards to get physically involved and then hope it leads to marriage? Maybe a bit backwards to make the best decisions after you’ve bonded with someone?

Doesn’t it make more sense to treat ourselves as precious…the way God sees us?

I think the Bible, having been written by God through man, is likely more perfect than our society, more perfect than another’s interpretation, more perfect than we could ever fathom being human.

I thank you for your time if you read this. This topic is often on my mind and I continue to process and observe in my own life, how my faith would have saved me so much pain and time if I had been walking as a disciple years ago.

Have a beautiful month of Thanksgiving, I hope filled with blessings, love, peace, health, and gratitude.

Most sincerely,